Who’s Tilford?

The delicious notion of Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza was born from the love of great food and the joyful celebration of sharing it with family and friends. It is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Steve Burton and Judy Morley, but the true inspiration for this comes from co-founder Steve Burton’s own grandfather… that’s right, Tilford Burton.

Tilford Burton was a simple man who enjoyed simple pleasures, particularly entertaining family and friends. He loved great food, and at least twice a year he and his wife, Lois, hosted huge fish fries for their community with fish Tilford himself caught in the ponds and lakes of central Indiana. He even built a wood fired oven at his home to cook for his parties.

And so today, Burton’s delectable legacy lives on through Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza. His grandson Steve has expanded on Tilford’s desire to bring people together over great food and turned it into an opportunity for you to take into your community.