Why Us?

As a prospective franchise buyer there are dozens of critical factors to consider when choosing where to invest your hard-earned money. We believe that among these it is essential to get to know a company’s owners, their backgrounds and what they offer that makes their company worthy of your consideration…and investment.

To that end, Steve Burton and Judy Morley started, owned and effectively grew 15 different businesses between the two of them over the course of the past 35 years. Before launching Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza in 2015, together they successfully operated and expanded a multi-national, non-profit organization.

As hard working business developers and entrepreneurs themselves, Burton and Morley are sensitive to and understand the importance of pricing their franchises affordably in order to attract like-minded franchisees.

Priced at around $120,000, this fee includes all the necessary equipment (including the complete trailer and oven) as well as extensive hands-on, in-kitchen training an ongoing business support.  This price does not include the truck for towing the trailer.

Tilford’s has spent considerable time, effort and money custom designing the trailer/kitchen for ease of use, minimal set-up and take-down time, flexibility in environments and maximum food prep space. Additionally, our trailers are designed to be compliant with most state and local health department’s complex regulations.

Additionally, Tilford’s provides five foundational pizza recipes, proprietary dough and lists of local commissary kitchens so you have everything you need to get started.

On the business side, Tilford’s provides support through every step of the start up process. We provide step-by-step instructions for getting licensed and support working with your health department.  We also provide training, as well as all relevant materials for the various operational areas such as accounting, marketing, development, even leadership.

Truly a Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza Oven is the perfect “hybrid” restaurant. The affordable purchase price and no need for a brick and mortar location gives you the flexibility of owning a food business while we provide all the materials necessary to get your business up and running…and running smoothly for years to come.

As an owner of a Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza Oven franchise, we’re your guide, your support and your resource. We’ll always be available to answer your questions or advise you. That’s because we’re just as concerned about your success as you are.