The Trailer

A Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza trailer is custom designed to be user-friendly in every aspect. Our proprietary design has been refined to make your set-up and take-down as easy as possible. Through trial and error, we have learned how to put things in the best place to maximize the space. Every trailer has been specifically laid out to make the most of the space available.

The centerpiece of the trailer, of course, is the Forno Bravo oven. Forno Bravo is one of the premier manufacturers of wood fired pizza ovens. It burns at temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and will cook a pizza in 90 seconds. Our oven has been positioned in the trailer for maximum visibility, drawing people to the site by the primal allure of the open flame. It comes branded with the Tilford’s name and we have also set it at an angle, so that the oven master has plenty of elbow room.

Under the oven is our unique wood storage compartment, which allows you to load the wood from the outside but access it from right under the oven on the inside. This will keep the fire burning without missing a beat.

The trailer also comes equipped with plenty of prep space to get pizzas ready for the oven, with 104 linear inches of prep space. We have also designed it for easy access to refrigeration, sinks, the cutting board and ordering counter. A flat-screen TV will swing on a hinge to display the menu board by the ordering counter.

The trailer’s concession doors flip open on all 4 sides to create an open, airy atmosphere that allows you to have one-on-one access with the customers, and allows them to see the fire when they order. We have also built in the marquee signs, so once you flip open the doors, people will see it’s a Tilford’s trailer.

Last but not least, we have designed the trailer to meet the most stringent health department codes, and will work with your local health department during build out to make sure your trailer meets the local guidelines.

What Comes With It
Because Tilford’s has custom designed our trailer, we make sure it comes fully-equipped and ready for you to light your business on fire.

All of your small wares will be in place when you take delivery of the trailer, including pizza peels, mixing bowls, measuring cups, spoons, spoodles, knives, ladles, and prep table items. The trailer is equipped with a generator, propane tank, potable and non-potable water storage. Additionally, the point-of-sale (POS) system and electronic menu boards will be in place.