Next Steps

1. Introduction Call

Please contact us to set up an introduction call with co-founder Steve Burton. We’ll learn a little about each other, discuss the brand and model, review the initial investment breakdown and help us understand what has you looking at this business opportunity.

2. Complete the CQ

After we have introduced ourselves and determined the opportunity is worth exploration, we ask you to complete our Confident Questionnaire. This helps guide you to understand the reasons for wanting to go into business for yourself and provides us information to ensure a good fit.

3. Brand Investigation

We will spend time educating you on our phenomenal business systems, tools and processes that will support you in your new business. Time is spent in detail showcasing business and leadership support, inclusive of sending you a sample packet. Additionally, we review the custom oven, trailer and mobile systems.

4. Technology call

We understand that our technology can be daunting, but it is what sets up apart.  We will run a shared screen tutorial to demonstrate and review all our technology systems, how they work together and how easy and powerful they are to use.  Our technology also allows you to create reports to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business 24×7.

5. Review the FDD

At this stage, we have sent you a copy of our FDD for you to peruse and review. During this call we will dig into specific sections together, in detail, to address any questions or concerns. This document provides all of the details around our franchise, including franchisor expectations. Prior to ending that call, we will discuss the Meet the Team Day visit and discuss scheduling your visit to Denver to meet everyone at Tilford’s and see the custom oven and trailer in person.

6. Meet the Team Day

Armed with a ton of data and knowledge, we now have you take the time to speak with you in person, in Denver, to teach you more about the day to day life of being a Tilford’s Franchise Owner. We spend the day introducing you to everyone in the Support Center, discussing their role in assisting you in the business processes, and tour the special Tilford’s custom Oven and Trailer while enjoying a delicious lunch of our own making!

7. Decision Day, Signing Franchise Agreements!

Now it gets exciting! Steve will follow up after you have enjoyed time at your Meet the Team day. During this meeting, we will address final questions that either party may have and work towards a decision on if you will be moving forward with the purchase of a Tilford’s Franchise.