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U.S. Pizza Statistics

Pizzas Sold
0 Billion
Estimates Sales
$35 Billion
in 2015
Mobile Food Industry
$0.2 Billion
2015 Sales
Americans Eat
0 slices
per second

Our Story

Tilford Burton was a simple man who enjoyed simple pleasures, particularly entertaining family and friends. He loved great food, and at least twice a year he and his wife, Lois, hosted huge fish fries for their community with fish Tilford himself caught in the ponds and lakes of central Indiana.

And so today, Burton’s delectable legacy lives on through Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza. His grandson Steve has expanded on Tilford’s desire to bring people together over great food and turned it into an opportunity for you to take into your community.

We take great pride in saying, every Tilford’s pizza recipe we use is completely unique and of our very own creation. And with our open-on-all-four-sides custom-designed mobile pizza kitchens we invite you to see what goes into – and onto – making yours. From start to blazing finish we invite you to watch as your pizza is individually hand-crafted then lovely baked in our 900º brick oven. Every ingredient and every topping is the freshest, the finest and always of the highest quality available. After all, this is the only way we know of to make our truly great pizzas.

At Tilford’s, It Is Our
Belief That:

  • The only good pizza is a truly great pizza
  • Meticulously authentic recipes like ours offer the freshest, finest and most flavorful experiences
  • Any day is a good day for indulging in truly great pizza
  • Wood fired ovens reveal complex and subtly unique new flavors to excite your palette

Why Us?

The Pizza Industry is HOT! Learn how to take advantage of this industry without the high start-up costs of other brands.


Tilford’s provides unparalleled support from the moment you become a franchisee and all along starting and running your business.

Next Steps

Learning more about the process and our brand will help you decide if this opportunity if right for you.

Want to own a Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza Franchise?

So you want a taste of what’s it’s like to be a Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza operator, huh? Well, just like the pizzas we serve, our franchise operators must be of the highest quality there is. Truly, it’s that simple. After all, our corporate success is linked directly to the quality of our individual franchised Operators, so we’re looking for franchisees who are driven, dedicated and passionate about the Tilford’s brand and who possess the desire to be an important part of the fresh, vibrant and deliciously exciting new taste that is Tilford’s.